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Utilizing Holdem Manager

Holdem Manager is tracking software that, utilized properly, is an essential tool for all poker players looking to improve their game. It’s so much more that just tracking software and throughout this article we will explain why by looking at; what is Holdem Manager, how to use it, benefits, bad points and how to improve your game using the software before looking at some key points.

What is Holdem Manager?

Holdem Manager is used to track all the hands you play on supported sites and giving you literally thousands of different statistics for your play. Used correctly, it can be a fantastic leak finding tool and an efficient way to spot any mistakes you may be making that you are unaware of.

For a cash game player it gives you six sub headings that include reports, preflop cards, hands, sessions, graphs and vs player.

Under reports it allows you to customize which stats you want it to show ranging anything from hands, amount won, VPIP stats, PFR stats and so much more. You can choose well over 500 different stats to evaluate your game and also any of your opponents’ games.

The sessions tab will show information on how each session has panned out with stats including start and finish times, minutes played, stakes, hands, amount won and any stats that you have chosen to view. Each page is fully customizable and offers a truly bespoke way to view and analyze your play.

The graphs tab shows just that, graphs. You can edit this page to show your graph for the day, week month or year and also customize it to include your rakeback or bonus earnings and all in ev line.

Whilst the tournament section on Holdem Manager is not as thorough compared to that of cash section, it still provides a more than comprehensive overview of stats, winnings and results, coupled with a host of other editable attributes.

How to Use Holdem Manger

It’s important when first setting up your Holdem Manger database that you use their walkthrough guide as the process can be a little tricky even for the more tech savvy amongst you. Their site provides excellent support and a broad forum for you to float any questions about.

Once set up the most valuable feature is the HUD (Heads UP Display). This will provide real time stats on your opponents which will be recorded into your database. If you are a multi tabler then it’s almost impossible to keep up with each individual player and take extensive notes on their play. The HUD provides you with this information instantaneously so you can keep track on how your opponent is playing.

Your HUD is totally unique to you and what information you want it to show. Some basic stats that are vital will be things like VPIP, PFR, 3 Bet %, Hands and CBet %. From there you can add and take away which ever stats you feel are going to be most beneficial.

It’s a good idea that you keep the amount of stats they show to a reasonable level. Too many stats can become overwhelming and tough to keep track of so bare this in mind. Also the HUD will allow you to click on it at any stage during your session to see a more thorough overview of your opponent’s stats. This will disappear when you are finished, so don’t feel you have to have them all showing.

A key feature in Holdem Manager is the session tab. This will give you an overview of the session you have just played and give you an opportunity to look over your hands. You can sort each column to show you the biggest winning and losing pots and then see a real time re-run of the hand. This is a great way to spot if you feel you have made any mistakes in the hand and realize where you may have gone wrong.


Holdem Manager is such a fantastic piece of software that it’s highly recommended you invest if you are looking to improve your game. It will likely more than pay for itself in spotting mistakes you may be making at the table and allowing you to confront these leaks.

The vast array of stats on not only your game, but also that of your opponents will give you information that even the sharpest poker eye will miss. It also saves hours of your time by tracking your results at just the click of a button.

The program is also available on pretty much all the major networks now, which means that no matter which site you play at, the software will be compatible so there really are no excuses not to have it.

Bad Points

The only real downside to Holdem Manager comes in the form of people being misguided and misinterpreting the stats. It’s all well and good having a bunch of numbers in front of you, but if you can’t figure out what they mean, then they are as good as useless.

As long as you put a decent amount of effort in to learn what each stat means and interpret what they stand for then the downsides to Holdem Manager are few and far between.

How to Improve your Game with Holdem Manager

By having all this in depth statistical analysis of your game at your finger tips it allows you to spot any glaring leaks in your game. It’s not going to make you a winning player overnight but will certainly help identify your problem areas.

Even if you are not a comprehensive stats person, it’s likely that with a large enough database of hands that you can find someone in the poker community to take a look and spot areas that you need to improve.

Over time you will become more familiarized with the program and be able to see which stats look out of place and address the problem.

The ability to re-run a whole sessions play is also a fantastic tool to improve. When in game time scenarios your thought process may not be as sharp as when you evaluate your play, meaning that you can see for real where you are going wrong.

Key Points

  • Holdem Manager should be an essential piece of software for any poker player
  • Spend time familiarizing yourself with the layout and HUD at lower stakes before playing your original stakes
  • Use the Holdem Manager forums and support for any help you need with the setup
  • Improve your game with all the leak finding software it includes