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Firbolg is Back

Firbolg was started by myself poker enthusiast Barry O’Callaghan as a hobby poker information site back in the relative early days of online poker in 2004. In its first few years things developed very fast and unexpectedly. I went on to become a serious poker player and for many years made a living from the game. Firbolg became a more serious site, attracting the attention of advertisers.

That was a real pleasant surprise as it really started out as a hobby, so I was getting paid for something I enjoyed doing. Then perhaps Firbolg became a victim of my success. I got serious about and paid a designer to redesign the site and although he did a great job I never got used to the custom management system that was installed, that combined with a time where I was earning a small fortune playing online poker as well as doing some writing work meant firbolg slipped from my attention. However has always been in my mind and I always planned to return and reinvigorate it one day.

And so In 2011 after another redesign I am returning to and I’m returning to the original intentions of the site. I’m going back to the core of what made the site great. Top quality original poker strategy articles.